Post-vaccination tips - Part 1 alleviating possible side effects

Post-vaccination tips - Part 1 alleviating possible side effects

Post Vaccine Care

So congratulations you’ve had your vaccine, now it’s time to pamper yourself a bit. First of all don’t rush back into things if you can. Try to rest and let your body do what it has to do. Some of the reported side effects from the vaccine are these:

🏝Mild fever
🏝Body and joint aches and pains
🏝Pain at the vaccination site

Here is what you can do to help!

💧 Body aches and pains and fever - take an Epsom salt bath with the essential oils of Lemon, Lavender, Mandarin and sweet marjoram. This helps ease the aches and will encourage good restful sleep. Try eat foods high in calcium and magnesium ( bone broth, molasses, nut and seed butters)

💧Soreness at the vaccination site - rub rescue remedy cream or Aloe Vera over the area. If it’s really hot and swelling make a paste with Baking Soda and Apple Cider vinegar, pack it on to the area and leave for awhile. Wash off and apply Aloe vera gel.

💧 Nausea - drink some ginger or peppermint tea, lots of water and drink a healthy bone broth or light soup. (Immune boosting soup recipe in previous post) press lightly on the P6 point.

💧 Headaches - drink lots of water. Dab a mix or peppermint, lavender and sweet marjoram ( diluted in a base oil) on your shoulders, neck and temples massage your Large Intestine 4 point. Drink a Lavender or Chamomile tea.

💧 Tiredness - REST!!

💧Dizziness - rest and press the top of your head Du 20 (Governing Meridian).

💧 and finally rub the “big bone” point Du 14 ( located at the top of your spine - when you bend your neck forward, this the bone that protrudes the furthest) this helps with immunity and increases antibodies.....which is what our bodies are trying to do!!

Rest well and listen to your body.

Next up.... what can we do to help prevent blood clots!!


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