What can I expect during my appointment?

During your first appointment, Juliet will take your full history from what is ailing you now to any medical or emotional issues that have accompanied them in the past.

She will assess your diet and recommend food to add, avoid as well as a list of supplements. She will then assess which therapies and essential oils would be most effective and conduct a hands-on-treatment focusing on the appropriate acupressure points with your customised blend of oils. This will include moxibustion and/or cupping and/or Bach Flower Remedies.

Will you use all of the therapies or do I get to choose which ones I want?

Juliet will use all of the therapies relevant to your condition but acupressure, aromatherapy, and nutritional/supplements advice will always be included. If you would particularly like a certain therapy please let Juliet know and she will accommodate you as long as it will not worsen your symptoms.

How many treatments will I need?

Juliet will assess your symptoms and recommend a treatment plan depending on the severity of the ailment, sometimes 2-4 sessions will be adequate and sometimes a more consistent approach would be more effective. Some of our clients remain with us longer the Natural Clinic coming back as they need treatment for different issues that crop up naturally.

What should I wear to my appointment?

Please wear loose-fitting clothes. When working on you Juliet will ask you to remove your TOP (but no undergarments) to access your whole back and will need to be able to roll your trousers up to above your knee (no skinny jeans please).

How will I feel after my session?

People often feel very relaxed after a session, some feel energised, often people feel very tired like they want to sleep - this is normal as the body will have gone into repair mode. For some, not all, they may experience a healing crisis after a session. The healing crisis can normally occur 1-4 days after a session and should not last longer than 24-48 hours. Signs of healing crisis - worsening of symptoms, sharp pain in a different location, fever and flu-like symptoms, diarrhea.

Can I still see my regular doctor?

Yes absolutely! We can support your health alongside your traditional medical practitioner. We support clients going through IVF, cancer treatments, parasite cleanses, chronic skin issues (and more) alongside conventional medicine.

Juliet is always happy to speak to the presiding doctor that she will be working alongside. However, if you read Juliet’s book you will know her stance on the overuse of antibiotics, steroids, anti inflammatories PPI’s etc and she will recommend a conservative approach with strong pharmaceuticals unless really necessary. Of course, there are certain cases and situations where Juliet also recognises the benefits of conventional medicine and is not scared to say “now you need to go to a doctor”. As ultimately it is her patients health and well being that is most important to her. As it is stated in the Hippocratic Oath all medical practitioners take, it is ok today “I know not” and seek others advise!

I’m coming to the clinic about a hormonal/menstrual concern. Is there a particular time in my cycle when I should see you?

No, you can come anytime in your cycle. Especially for work on fertility issues, it is best to come as close to your cycle as possible as timing is key.

I’ve been struggling with my health concern for some time. Are there any tests I should do before my appointment?

Before Juliet consults with you there are no specific tests she requires for you to come in. However, during your first consultation Juliet will run through your complete medical history, based on this, Juliet might then suggest doing a few specific tests based on your symptoms. However, IF you have done some tests pertaining to the medical issue you are coming to see her with, please DO bring those tests along.

Do you treat babies and children?

Yes! Juliet treats all ages. Her youngest patient to date has been a three week old! And he is still her patient to date :)

Can a family member accompany me to my appointment?

Yes, a family member can accompany you to your appointment if it makes you feel more comfortable. Although we suggest only one family member accompany you in as there is limited space inside Juliet’s clinic.

Can I take my special oil blend home with me and how do I get a refill?

You can take the oils from your treatment home so you can continue applying them on your points. Oil blend refills are usually only available at your next appointment as Juliet will assess if they need adjustment. BFR refills are available at $15 on a case by case basis as your needs may have changed over time.

Do you sell essential oils?

Yes, Juliet sells the Fleur brand oils in her clinic although stock ebbs and flows as they are shipped in.

Can I claim my Insurance for your sessions?

If your insurer covers alternative medicine, naturopathy or TCM you can normally claim your session through insurance. About 85-90% of Juliet’s clients get their insurance back for her sessions.