Aromatherapy is a healing therapy based on the use of pure essential oils for physical and emotional health and wellbeing. These all-natural oils are a powerful form of herbal medicine and in some societies have been used for centuries as the only form of medicine.

However, unlike allopathic medicines, aromatherapy is very safe and non-toxic to the system. The oils will enter your body and only target the problem leaving other organs untouched. Aromatherapy is the safest, and possibly the most powerful, herbal medicine that nature has to offer. Essential oils, derived from the flowers, leaves and other parts of plants, are highly concentrated and need to be used with great respect.

Your Own Personal Blend

Made for you

During your appointment, Juliet creates a custom blend individually for the specific needs of the person who is seeking treatment. This will change throughout the course of your treatment as your needs evolve. Each oil targets certain organs and areas specifically and works in great synergy with the Traditional Chinese Medicine meridians, organs and acupoints. 

TCM Meridiens for acupressure

Traditional Chinese Medicine

So much can be treated using TCM techniques. By simply knowing key points on the body that when stimulated restore harmony and balance, your body can literally heal itself in a 100% natural way.

The points Juliet uses to treat you are based on 5,000 years of knowledge of the meridian systems. The meridian system is the flow of energy to and from different organs. When “dis –ease” takes hold of the body, it is due to the fact that energy in the body is not flowing properly or it is either stagnant, scant/weak or excessive. Stagnancy will stop the flow, excessiveness will steal the flow from other organs, a scant/weak flow will weaken the organs. By using simple gentle techniques, TCM encourages the flow of the “chi” or energy to return to normal, which ultimately allows the body to regain its balance and heal.


Through pressure along the meridians and on acupoints the meridians are encouraged to flow and when balanced, normal organ function can be restored. For extra stimulation,  “magnetic needle” and an “electronic impulse needle” may be used on the various points. 

Over the years Juliet has developed her innovative technique blending the power of essential oils with TCM techniques to help your body heal itself. 


Placements of round glass balls on the body and over acupoints or organs, resulting in suction has a dramatic effect on the immune system of the body. The suction technique works by moving blood and lymph and stimulating the muscle and nerves to encourage the energy to flow to places that might be stagnant.

This is a fantastic way to relieve pain and to increase energy and boost the immune system.


Moxibustion is a Traditional Chinese Medicine technique that involves the burning of mugwort, (artemis vulgaris) a small, spongy herb, to facilitate healing. Moxibustion has been used throughout Asia for thousands of years. In fact, the literal translation of actual Chinese character for acupuncture, means “acupuncture-moxibustion.”

The purpose of moxibustion, as with most forms of traditional Chinese medicine, is to strengthen the blood, stimulate the flow of qi, and maintain general health.

Nutrition Citrus Vitamin Mineral Rich Food


At The Natural Clinic we believe we literally “are what we eat”. Everything we put in our bodies will have either a positive or negative effect. 

Pulling from both Eastern and Western knowledge of food and herbs, Juliet will assess your condition and depending on whether the condition is hot, cold, damp, or phlegmy, will advise you to remove or add different foods.

At The Natural Clinic we also try and teach respect for foods, because when used in the proper way, food can be our medicine.

Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies are based on the teachings of Dr. Edward Bach. In his system of 38 flower remedies, emotions and disease are very closely related. In order to deal properly with whatever condition we may have we must first figure out emotionally where it is coming from. Dr. Bach’s system is incredibly gentle and believes in getting to the root of the problem first, possibly even before it becomes a problem.

The Bach Flower Remedies can be used for many emotional issues from anxiety to shyness, fears to bedwetting. The system complements the TCM and aromatherapy as every acupoint and every essential oil ultimately works deeply on the emotions.

Depending on your individual case Juliet might offer Bach Flower Remedies as part of your session but she also offers independent BFR sessions for those who want to only concentrate on their emotional state. 

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