Harnessing the Healing Power of Nature

Natural therapist Juliet Kelly-Wong shares her personal journey of good health, life improvement and more in Simply Natural: Health and dispenses practical advice in this informative and essential step-by-step manual to natural health and remedies.

Whether it’s the common cold, food allergies or a persistent skin condition, Juliet aims to open readers to the world of natural alternative treatments that have changed her life.

From its index of common ailments to its comprehensive illustrated subject content, Simply Natural: Health is a comprehensive guide and a must-have for those looking for alternative sources of remedies and treatments.

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The Essential Step-by-Step Manual to Natural Health and Remedies

"In all my years of practice I have become drawn to the fact that though I am very happy to see my patients, and help them as much as I can, there is also SO much that people can do themselves at home with simple foods, herbs and spices. The same holds true for the acupressure points; It’s not a secret system that only a few can use but is available for everyone and should be taught to doctors and lay people alike so that people can help themselves heal.

My goal is to teach people how to use the different and very safe systems of acupressure, aromatherapy and foods to help and heal themselves and their families. It is also a book that will empower people to know that as opposed to doing nothing when there is a problem except wait till it gets so bad that you HAVE to go to a doctor, there is a huge amount you can do safely from your home which will lessen the probability of you having to go to the doctor at all."

Juliet Kelly-Wong