Women's Health

I can not recommend seeing Juliet highly enough. After nearly two years of trying to conceive with secondary infertility, meeting Juliet brought a new dimension to my fertility journey. I had suffered 4 miscarriages in less than a year and repeatedly had a thin uterine lining (which was given as a possible cause of the miscarriages and failure to implant). I had done two egg retrievals and had 4 frozen embryo transfers.I went to see Juliet before my fifth embryo transfer to explore alternatives to help with my uterine lining and recurrent losses to those already presented to me by my gynaecologist (to complement rather than replace what I was already doing). I came to Juliet when I was in a very vulnerable place and immediately felt at ease with her and confident in her abilities. I do not think there is a silver bullet when it comes to infertility but I do believe in doing all you can and taking excellent care of yourself; Juliet really helped me with that approach. My lining did improve using Juliet’s methods and my fifth round of IVF was a success. I now have a healthy baby boy in my arms as I type this. Juliet was also a support to me during my pregnancy (despite the limitations of Covid 19!) and I always felt I could ask her anything. Pregnancy after loss is particularly difficult and it was very reassuring to visit Juliet and feel I was doing all I could for me and my baby to sustain the pregnancy. Juliet was also very empathetic and calming.I believe that Juliet was invaluable to my fertility journey and I am forever grateful for her help.


I arrived at Juliet’s clinic two years ago in a pretty weak, depleted and depressed state, after having lived with CFS for 5 years. I’d tried various treatments, both orthodox and alternative, and although some of them had helped me, I’d still not found my way out of the classic CFS symptoms of insomnia, muscle ache and digestive problems.Juliet proved to be a beacon of light. She looked at all the symptoms in a holistic way so that we were able to address not only physical but also emotional and spiritual issues, gradually removing these blocks to my recovery. During my months of treatment we’ve “peeled the onion”.  Juliet has some amazing techniques at her fingertips and she has used a combination of them to help me regain strength and feel healthier all-round. The holistic nature of the treatment has also encouraged me to learn more about myself, and to gain confidence in trusting my own instincts for healing. A big, heartfelt Thank You.


I did not realize at the time of my first session that I was suffering from depression. Since the birth of my first child nearly 12 months prior, I knew I had not been feeling ‘myself’, but the concept of post natal depression (PND) was foreign. During my first few sessions, Juliet used acupressure massage techniques and essential oils to unblock and stimulate the different meridians. We looked closely at the foods I was eating and how these can assist with enhancing my energy levels. The sessions also gave me the opportunity to talk openly without judgment – every session was very cathartic. Juliet never asked me if I was depressed even though she knew. Her self-reflective therapy methods gave me the understanding and strength to admit to my husband and friends that I was struggling – I was depressed. Determined to ‘find me again’ naturally, I continued to work closely with Juliet utilizing many different complimentary therapies both within her sessions, at home, and through her extensive network of alternative approaches to healing, such as acupuncture and tai chi. All thanks to Juliet, I can now happily and honestly say with pride that I love my two beautiful children, aged 5 and 2. They are the apples of my eye!

Post-natal Depression

I first visited Juliet about a year and a half ago due to my chronic sinusitis. Endless rounds of antibiotics had left me drained and weren’t doing any good. Juliet fixed me in just 1 session! Since my first visit to her, I have not had any trouble with my sinuses. I am a firm believer in her curative powers, and consult her whenever I want a natural, safe cure. She has inspired me to really clean up my diet and adhere to natural medications, as the results are immediate and obvious. She is fantastic.

Chronic Sinusitis

Earlier this year, I attended a talk Juliet did at my son’s school, about using food as medicine. She obviously knew her stuff and was hugely compelling. I had a number of issues that needed addressing, so immediately set up an appointment with her. In a very short time, she addressed my sleeping issues, upped my iron level naturally and is helping me beat my sugar addiction. To elaborate on my sleep issues: I had what I thought was a genetic sleeping problem. I was a very light sleeper and woke regularly during the night, drifting in and out of sleep in cycles throughout the night, always waking in the morning feeling tired and drained. My memory was appalling and I was run down. My mother and sister have the same sleep issues, so I wrote it off as genetic predisposition and just lived with it. Now, with Juliet’s help, I am sleeping through the night without waking and am facing my day awake and alert! I have shared what I have learnt with my family, and I am thrilled to say, we’re ALL sleeping!! Juliet has changed our lives! I cannot recommend her, or what she does, highly enough!

Sleeping Issues

I am delighted with the progress I have made since going to Juliet. My energy levels are back to normal, my mood is positive and the Bach Flower remedy must be working because I am confident and focused again after a year of feeling out of sorts. I’ve been to many alternative health professionals over the years and this is the first time I noticed a real change for the better. The results are so clear that people have noticed the change in me and are commenting on it. Thanks Juliet for helping me get myself back (physically and emotionally).”

Energy Levels

I was struggling with yet another UTI episode and after 2 different courses of antibiotics I was not feeling any better. I was getting rather desperate, not knowing what to do, I had already made an appointment with a specialist expecting him to give me another longer course of antibiotics. In the meantime I visited the Natural Clinic and Juliet told me to take a mixture of natural antibiotic foods for several days, every 2 hours and to do three specific acupressure points. After one day I was already starting to feel better, with all my symptoms gone the next day! I even cancelled my doctors appointment! How amazing that we can heal ourselves like this with natural remedies! I can’t recommend Juliet highly enough, she is very knowledgeable and caring and she really goes out of her way to make her patients feel better!

Urinary Tract Infection

I came to Juliet for treatment of chronic urticaria, chronic fatigue and brain fog. Within 2 months of seeing her and following her suggestions of diet change and added supplements my urticaria subsided tremendously. The combination of seeing Juliet, my naturopath and changing my diet, I am now free from chronic urticaria, have more energy and my brain fog has lifted. Seeing her is the best decision I have made to open a new path to healing naturally and I am grateful for the knowledge and caring that she has provided throughout.

Chronic Urticaria, Chronic Fatigue

Children's Health

The first time I went to The Natural Clinic was for my son’s chronic rhinitis that got cleared after 3 sessions. It changed my son’s life. From there on, the natural clinic has been my first step in treating all the family from cough to baby colics, from bad sinusitis to neck pain, from teething to flu, and the list goes on… All the advises and tips given have made my kids and myself much more resistant to illnesses. Juliet’s fingers are fantastic and her unique combination of essential oils and acupuncture points has done magic!

Chronic Rhinitis

We started seeing Juliet in 2010 in desperation as my 5 year old was continuously catching coughs and colds and we were at a point where she was missing 2 to 3 days of school every week. Within a couple of sessions and a few changes to her diet recommended by Juliet, my daughter was doing much better. She spent three months at school without missing a day! Now she sees Juliet once in two or three months just to boost her system.

Coughs & Colds

I managed to get rid of my daughter’s ear infection the other day with the garlic-olive oil-lavender together with the onion wrapped in boiling water infused with lavender oil – one of Juliet’s remedies. She was refusing to eat as swallowing was too painful and she kept on pulling her ear (she is 18 months so not much verbal communication possible yet!) and we were up all night. After the treatment she slept like a baby so I repeated the next day twice and it all disappeared! Was so proud of myself and so thankful I had attended Juliet’s workshop so many years back. I have been raving about all these cures to my friends and am pleased to hear that there will soon be a book! It will be a perfect gift for all the people that I care about.

Ear Infection

8 seconds….that was the space of silence between my son’s continuous coughs and laboured breathing during the middle of the night. He woke each morning exhausted from a restless sleep. For months, we tried everything; multiple trips to paediatricians and respiratory consultants who prescribed codeine syrups, asthma puffers and nebulizers. They gave temporary relief, but did little to help. After consulting Juliet she worked through the likely causes. She explained the possible dietary and environmental triggers and worked on his acupressure points. I was sent home with a list of things to buy and simple recipes to make. It did take time, I massaged his acupressure points and used the natural immune boosters that I made, all things that Juliet taught me and gave me the confidence to apply. After several sessions, the turnaround was remarkable. The cough disappeared and my little boy was finally able to get a good nights sleep. What I love about Juliet is that she believes in the natural alternative and is generous and open with her knowledge and experience. My boys now ask for Juliet’s “red onion in a sock” when they have a cough. It’s simple, it’s natural and it’s far more effective than any other prescription or over- the-counter cough medication I’ve given my children.

Chronic Coughs

Men's Health

In 2005, my family and I were located in Tokyo, Japan. I was running very regularly – approximately 20km per week. I developed an acute pain in my right heel from my running and found it very painful even as I went about my everyday chores. Juliet Kelly treated me on several occasions whenever I returned to Singapore. Her treatment included massages; moxybotin and acupressure. I must admit that I was initially very doubtful but am grateful for Juliet’s patience and expertise. I have been completely healed from this pain and am able to run and move around without pain. Juliet’s personal disposition; expertise and a deep-centered desire to help others are her greatest assets.


I had a chronic allergic condition that triggered violent sneezing sequences at various times during the day coupled with a blocked nose that was preventing me from sleeping properly. When I saw Juliet I was in the middle of such an allergic episode, with only 7 days before leaving on a trip. I basically asked her to see if there was any way to sort my issue within a week. With a mix of potions, garlic mixtures and sinus cleaning exercise, Juliet managed to put an end to this episode within 5 days! Convinced that her methods can have significant positive impacts on the way we deal with many health issues, I’m now working toward long term goals that will hopefully considerably reduce chemical medications for me and my family.

Blocked Nose & Allergies