How to prepare our body for vaccination - Part 1 stomach

How to prepare our body for vaccination - Part 1 stomach

Many thanks for your texts, messages and calls! I am happy to see people are excited to get the vaccine but still want to be safe.

I’ve received a lot of questions around if we can actually prepare our bodies for the vaccine and the answer is: yes! My advice, as with all vaccines is, try and prepare your stomach and liver. 

While I am aware of the discussions around this vaccine, I see the reasoning behind it and it is our reality and there is a social responsibility that comes with it, as with all vaccines. So I say "not today Covid-19" and let's do our best to prep for these lifesaving shots.

With any vaccine the best thing to be aware of is making sure your body is in an optimal state to receive the vaccination. What does this mean? This means your body should be under the least amount of stress when you get vaccinated. Your stomach should be strong and able to digest foods and nutrients to its best capacity, which also means it should be able to get rid of the waste and toxins efficiently, your liver must also be not over loaded and your detoxification pathways clear and working for you!

Also what is super important is that your immune system is not over stimulated, but calm and supported! All week I will be going through the different areas and how you can support them. Today we start with our stomach.

First things first let’s start with what we are putting in our stomachs! Pre vaccine go on a “mini” detox! For 3 days before your vaccine, cut out certain foods that are hard to break down or are triggers of inflammation - refined sugars, refined breads/gluten, eggs, chocolate, milk and dairy, sweets, things that are artificially coloured or flavoured, alcohol, caffeine, unnecessary medication and even nightshades - mainly tomatoes, aubergines (these cause the most inflammation!)

It is important to make sure you are having regular bowel movements and making sure the gut bacteria is at its optimal level so that foods eaten are being digested and nutrients absorbed properly.

  • start your day with a glass of water with 1 tsp of baking soda to help neutralise your System.
  • take a minimum of 10 billion cells of a good probiotic on an empty stomach before food
  • Replace your morning coffee or tea with a Turmeric Latte (see previous post) The turmeric , Cardomom, Ginger and Black Pepper all help strengthen and tone the stomach, as well as helps increase good stomach acids, which help us to break down our foods.
  • at night before bed, take a magnesium supplement to help encourage good bowel movements and good sleep! (sleep is crucial for our detoxification process!!)
  • Drink lots of good quality water through out the day. 

Up next.....the liver and how to calm our immune response!!

Be well!



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