Should you sync your activity level with your hormone cycle?

Should you sync your activity level with your hormone cycle?

I sat down with the lovely people at Sum of the Parts, to talk about how to feel our best throughout our cycle. 

What is cycle syncing?

Cycle syncing is literally when you live your life according to your cycle. We have three phases to our menstrual cycle – Follicular ( Menstruation and before the egg is released), Ovulatory( when the egg is released) and Luteal (after the egg is released) – each phases requires different hormones and can effect our bodies and our minds in different ways as the hormones ebb and flow – if the hormones are not balanced these phases can be quite negative on our mood, energy and even our appetites. 

For example during ovulation and just before menstruation we can feel very tired and our mood can fluctuate and we can often feel a bit negative and irritable. This is possibly not the best time to be faced with difficult decisions and high energy activities. 

When you cycle sync ( by charting where you are in your cycle) you recognise this and can acknowledge that at different phases you may be feeling and making decisions with a different mind and energy set to what you normally would. 

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