Post Vaccine - Hormones

Post Vaccine - Hormones
As more and more of our society are getting vaccinated I have a lot of women coming into my clinic saying that their periods have been affected post vaccination. Some are getting their periods two weeks early, some are experiencing very heavy and painful periods, some have skipped their periods and even some menopausal women have had their periods come back🤷🏻‍♀️or have had vaginal bleeding.

Why?....nobody quite knows. As we all know this is a new vaccine and we are literally taking it one day at a time with the side effects and post vaccine symptoms.

However, from a logical perspective, our bodies have been through a bit of a shock with this vaccine. And our periods are our own (for women) natural gauge of what’s going on in our bodies. So it’s not abnormal that something like this vaccine could throw us and our menstrual cycles off. It's our bodies natural way of saying “ hold up, somethings not quite right!!...So how to help our bodies and our cycle to get back on track. Here are a few simple points!

Geranium oil - this works on restoring balance to our kidneys and hormones. If you have a bath get into it with some Epsom salts and 5-10 drops of Geranium oil. If you don’t have a bath put a few drops on a flannel/ wash cloth and rub it on your body whilst in the shower. You can also drop a few drops of geranium into 1/2 a tablespoon of base oil of your choice! And massage it into your skin after your shower😊.

Make a hormone balancing smoothie of 1 cup fresh berries, 1 Tbspn pumpkin seed butter, 1 cup oat milk (or a nut milk of your choice) 1/2 frozen banana, 1 tsp molasses, 1 Tbspn bee pollen, handful of walnuts, handful of cauliflower florets and 1 Tbspn of Maca OR Moringa powder (or both). Put all in a blender and blend.

Finally do the acupressure point of Spleen 6 ( indicated in the pictures above). Work this point for about 10 mins 2 x a day. This is excellent at bringing hormonal balance back to the body!!!

Replace your morning coffee with a Dandelion Root Tea or granules!! Do this for one full cycle.

Have a lovely hormonally balanced week!
Love, Juliet💕💕💕

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