Breast health & Mammograms

Breast health & Mammograms

Do I really need to have a mammogram?!?😫Mammograms are both a blessing and a worry! They have saved many people’s lives by detecting early stages of breast cancer that otherwise might not have been picked up by ultra sound and breast examinations. Some say they are a must others say they can “possibly” endanger our breasts to be more prone to cancers..... So what IS the right answer?!?! Sadly again it is undecided 🤷🏻‍♀️. Here is what we do know, what other choices we have and then practical tips to help get you through your mammograms!!

What we do know:
🌼Mammograms have helped discovery breast cancer which would have otherwise gone undiscovered by manual breast checks and ultra sounds!
🌼 woman with larger and more dense breasts - mammograms give a clearer picture than ultra sounds, do.
🌼standard advise about how often and at what age you should start mammograms differs from country to country:
Singapore : Women over 50 every two years
United Kingdom: Women over 50-75 every three years
Australia: Women over 50-74 every two years
US: Women aged 45-54 - every year. 55 years and over every two years.
Generally Woman under the age of 40-45 are not encouraged to do mammograms as their breasts are denser.
🌼 If you have a history of breast cancer in your family you may need to start your breast checks earlier, speak to your doctor about this AND even more reason to be proactive with your breast health!
🌼 alternatives to mammograms are Ultra Sounds, MRI, Thermography, manual breast checks.


As opposed to not going for your mammogram due to worries about radiation and compression know what you can do to support yourself and your breasts!! To help counteract the radiation use essential oils on the breast before your mammo and for two weeks after.
🌼 Thyme
🌼 Pine
🌼 Rosemary
🌼 Frankincense
🌼After the mammogram use some Bach Flower Remedy cream or tincture rubbed on the breasts or taken internally
🌼 take arnica 30cc before and after the mammo.
🌼 Drink green tea or green tea extract for two weeks after the mammogram.

Always remember prevention is better than cure!! AlwYs search for ways to support our bodies through any and every situation in life!! Lots of love, Juliet 💕💕

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