Bach Flower Remedy

Bach Flower Remedy

It’s a roller coaster everyone!!

And we are in for another big loop I’m afraid. It’s not easy and nobody should feel guilty about being angry, sad, stressed, anxious, annoyed, frustrated,’s all ok, we are humans after all and we were meant to feel! However sometimes these feelings can turn into other negative things and that’s where we have to be careful. Dr Edward Bach (a Harley street Doctor from England) was the first to make the connection between emotions and ill health and created the Flower Essences to help with this. We don’t want negative emotions to become illness.

So, I’ve listed out a few below that might help with what we are all going through right now. So please have a read and if you want us to make up a bottle of the Flower Essences DM me with your choice and we will make it and send it to you💐

Aspen: For when you fear but you do not know what you are afraid of.

Beech: For people who are easily irritated or who lack tolerance.

Cherry Plum: For people who are often on the edge of a nervous breakdown or are in danger of hurting themselves or others.

Chicory: For the ‘mothering’ type - those who are overprotective and tend to worry and fuss a lot and always jump to the worst case scenario.

Elm: For when you feel overwhelmed and feel you can’t cope anymore.

Gentian: For a state of discouragement or despondency.

Gorse: For deep despair and depression, when one feels a sense of utter hopelessness.

Honeysuckle: For those who dwell on the past - both positive and negative and are missing out on the present.

Larch: For those lacking self confidence.

Mimulus: For when you fear, and you know what you are afraid of.

Mustard: For a temporary state of mind where one feels as though nothing is right or good.

Oak: For those that keep on going. They appear strong on the outside but are falling apart inside. Often they are exhausted, but feel they cannot stop!

Olive: For people who are mentally and physically exhausted.

Pine: For feelings of guilt

Rock Rose: For one who feels terror and panic.

Star of Bethlehem: A remedy for shock.

Walnut: to help people through times of change. Helping to accept and surrender to the changes at hand - moving house, country, school, life etc.

White Chestnut: For those who can’t stop there minds from thinking and worrying which can lead to insomnia or exhaustion.

Bach Rescue Remedy: A combination of five flower essences which help to clam and irrational thoughts and fears. Helpful in situations where there is shock, panic, terror, irritation and worry.

Stay healthy, true to your emotions, stay safe and don’t forget!! This too shall pass!! 


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