Post COVID - regaining your sense of smell

Post COVID - regaining your sense of smell

Last week, most of us at home came down with Covid. Sore throats & body aches seemed to be the main theme but we all caught it slightly differently and literally 7 days later we had all pretty much fully recovered🙏🏻. We are all back at school, work etc.

My only main complaint is that my sense of smell & taste has been affected😔 & as I work with essential oils this has been driving me crazy!
So here are a few things I did (but in particular one thing I did - thanks to @anitabartholomeusz) which started me smelling again! My smell is still muted & not what it was (it’ll take about 3-6 weeks to fully come back) but daily it is getting stronger.

Take a big orange and cut it into 1/8th slices. Then place the slices into a frying pan flesh side down, put it on high heat. Let the slices of orange start to brown/slightly burn. When brown/slightly black flip over and do the other side. When brown on both sides place on a plate and sprinkle brown sugar on the slices. Then eat the whole slices warm! You don’t have to eat the skin but I did as lots of good oils in the skin! (Just after doing this I could smell a mosquito coil we were burning!👏🏼)

Everyday I would smell my essential oils of Peppermint, Lemon, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus Globulus, Lavender & Thyme Sweet (I choose these as they are most commonly used by me). I would hold each oil and sniff it for about 15-20 seconds whilst telling my brain what it was & try to remember the smell. Slowly little wiffs would come back. Do this 2x day! (plus it’s good for your immune system)
Lastly, I would do the acupressure points of Li4, Li 20 and Du 20 (see photos!) before I went to bed & first thing in the morning.


Next posts on post Covid tiredness, swollen glands & what supplements/food to take during Covid. Lots of love, Juliet 💕

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