Chamomile and hibiscus infused tea, castile soap, aloe vera, apricot kernel oil, jojoba oil, 100% pure essential oils - lemon, frankincense, basil, lavender, bergamot, juniper, grapefruit, clary sage, natural emulsifiers, natural preservatives.


Pump 1-2 times onto palm of hand. Lather with water and rub onto face. Massage in gently. Rinse off with warm water.


Juliet has been perfecting our all-natural products for patients in her award-winning natural clinic for over a decade.


Our plant-powered products deliver results by nourishing your body holistically. Each formula promotes your overall wellbeing, instead of a single-minded cosmetic result.

No Nasties

We will never use parabens, phthalates, artificial fragrances, artificial colours, petrochemicals, propylene glycol, SLSs, or SLESs because we don’t have to.