Your therapist Juliet Kelly-Wong

Juliet Kelly-Wong is the owner and founder of the Natural Clinic.

Her fascination and interest in alternative healing began when she herself was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis  at the age of 19. Her family turned to alternative medicine and that’s where her journey began. Juliet is now a qualified therapist in Traditional Chinese Medicine-Acupressure, Clinical Aromatherapy, Nutrition, Touch for Health (Kinesiology), Quantum Reflex Analysis, Reiki and is a Bach Flower Remedies Practitioner.

24 years after being told she could be in a wheelchair by the time she was 30 and should not have children as it would make her condition worse, Juliet has a wonderful husband and two beautiful children.

Having been through this difficult journey herself and seeing how it changed her life, it is Juliet’s goal to help people restore balance in their lives and ultimately give them and alternative choice in health.

Juliet is writing a book Simply Natural.