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Simply Deodorant Story

I have always disliked using deodorants formulated with synthetic chemicals as I am very aware that the armpits are an area of great importance and sensitive to our detoxification process, but no matter how natural we want to keep our self-care, nobody like to smell. I tried many natural deodorants but I was disappointed because they never lasted long enough. When my kids started to ask to wear deodorants, there was no way I could let them put dangerous chemicals in this sensitive area, especially my daughter who was heading into her teens. At first, I made a liquid spray that worked for a few hours but that was never going to be good enough. Then I had a light bulb moment thanks to one of my patients! With a paste, I could increase its effectiveness as well as give it major therapeutic properties to benefit and support the detoxification that happens in this area. I could even add in Frankincense which helps prevent tumours and cysts developing in the breasts and elsewhere. So my simple deodorant was born!